Craig Russell, RLA, ASLA - Principal

Craig Russell

Craig Russell is a founding partner at Russell + Mills Studios. Craig possesses experience in a broad range of applications of the profession, including urban design and master planning studies; public garden and parks master planning; site planning and design for corporate facilities, campuses and civic centers. Many of these projects have received awards from the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Craig is an accomplished illustrator and utilizes his skill to bring various types of 3D visualization to the design process. This helps clients and stakeholders better understand design concepts and ideas, and is a useful tool in gaining consensus during early stages of project design.

Paul Mills, RLA, ASLA - Principal

Paul Mills

Paul Mills is a founding partner at Russell + Mills Studios. Paul has practiced in the United States and Australia. Paul is licensed to practice landscape architecture and is CLARB-certified. Paul's career began in Australia where he practiced for six years in two leading Australian firms before he relocated to the US and worked in Colorado and then in New York City as a Senior Designer and Director of Operations.

Paul's career includes a diversified experience of national and international projects where he has gained experience in urban design, urban regeneration and infill projects, resort and themed attractions, mixed-use master planning, and tourism and recreation design. He infuses his philosophy of high quality design and client-focused services with a commitment to effective project management in all of his projects.

John Beggs, RLA, ASLA - Sr Landscape Architect

John Beggs

John Beggs has practiced in two well-reknowned landscape architecture firms for five years prior to joining Russell + Mills Studios. John has extensive experience having worked on a variety of international and national projects in his career and brings his proven design skills, and project management capabilities to this company.

Shelley Lamastra, RLA, ASLA - Sr Landscape Architect

Shelley Lamastra

Shelley Lamastra joins Russell + Mills Studios as an experienced senior landscape architect. Shelley brings her technical abilities and design skills to help take our projects from conceptual design through to construction.

Darren Duroux, ASLA

Darren Duroux

Darren Duroux has two years of experience in Landscape Architecture, having worked in Denver and Boulder prior to joining Russell + Mills Studios.  Darren possesses a broad array of skills and helps develop computer generated imagery and simulations of our projects.  This helps our clients and stakeholders understand the spatial relationships various designs present.  

Mary Taylor, ASLA

Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor is a graduate of Colorado State University, joining the team with experience in design+build and residential planting design. Mary holds skills in photosimulation and 3D visualization, contributing to client and stakeholder understanding of materiality and spatial relationships.



Alisha Graham, CPA, Controller

Alisha brings her amazing skills with numbers, and financial experience to help us designers operate and be free to create experiences for people.